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Hajj Preparations

Hajj preparations are necessary to be done before you wear Ihram. The preparations for the Hajj are simply the understanding of the obligations of Hajj. Hajj visa is one of the foremost parts to be taken care of. The documentation which you need to carry while leaving for the Hajj must be complete in order to avoid any disruption at the airports, to avoid legal issues and the rest of the factors of troublesome. To be careful, you get to be fully prepared for this journey.

The passports of the pilgrims must be updated; the expiration date can cause issues for the pilgrims. We advise the pilgrims to fulfil all the requirements and must take all the necessary documents with them. For instance, the vaccination certificates for the inspection by the Saudi authorities. Besides that, the pilgrims are not allowed to overstay their visas at all as it is against Saudi law.

Physical Preparation

Performing Hajj is one major physical task for which one must ready their body, else burdening the body out of the blue can cause various painful diseases. Thus, getting the body ready for this journey is a good idea, you either can take light jogging in routine, long walks before you start the journey. The submission of the application for Hajj form is necessary to understand. Usually, Hajj visas are given the validation for 15 days but the work and residency are not given on that visa.

Mental Preparation

Before getting on this pious journey the pilgrims are advised to learn the methods/norms and rituals of Hajj and profoundly study the piety of this journey. For instance, read the right way to perform Hajj, what are the experiences of the people who had been to the Holy Place? etc. Watch videos and read articles on performing Hajj and Umrah. There are many books available on the internet regarding Hajj preparation and guidelines which one should have read before initiating the journey.

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