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Hajj Requirements

Hajj is one of the most spiritual journeys which is the moment of profound delight and blessing for any Muslim. When you are ready to leave for hajj you must complete reading the basic requirements of Hajj in order to mitigate any form of difficulties.

The visa policies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are quite strict. Every pilgrim must be aware of the visa requirements and how to deal with Hajj visa and how much freedom the pilgrim has while performing the Hajj.

‘What are the requirements of Hajj’ is one of the main questions that pilgrims must learn before leaving. Many people make a to-do list for preparing for the necessities which helps them in fulfilling all the obligations with any hassle. Listing down the requirements also helps in memorizing the arrangement of the things. We recommend that while travelling keep the list of the Hajj essentials handy to have a quick look for crosschecking.

Following are the necessary Items one must keep it in essential list:

  • First and foremost thing is Ihram which one must attire at the airport.
  • Take slippers that are most comfortable ones and will keep you in ease. Take at least 2 pairs
  • First aid box and necessary medicines like painkillers, allergy tablets, ointment for injury etc.
  • Extra towels, tissues, fragrance-free sanitizers and soaps etc.
  • Surgery mouth mask which restricts you from encountering with contagious diseases that are spread by people coming from any venerable cities or countries.
  • Sunblock creams to avoid sunburns
  • Necessaties of daily life like a hairbrush, toothbrush toothpaste, scissors, nail cutters etc.
  • Marker for labelling the luggage or any unique indicator, for example, tying a purple ribbon on all your bags so you can distinguish yours from similar bags.

One more important thing is, never left the hotel without money. Always keep some extra amount with you, besides the basic amount. Add all the remaining stuff that is essential for you as personal care or your needed items as an individual.

Health and Safety Precautions

It is always better to take care or take all the precautions as prevention is better than the cure. If a person has some health issues so it is advised they seek the permission or fitness check from their doctor before performing the Hajj. If you are on medication you must have your medicines in enough quantity for the whole pilgrimage journey. Meningococcal A, C, W135 and Y are necessary the rest will be advised to you by the doctor. Flu is very common in public places so be careful in all terms. Don’t skip drinking water and keep your body hydrated since the physical tasks are quite a lot while performing the Hajj. Women especially must go through a proper check and see their gynecologist to delay their menstrual cycle while the Hajj takes place.

May Allah forbid, however, in case of an emergency and the uncertain situation doesn’t hesitate in seeing the doctor, reach out the ambulance quickly.

The Police emergency number is 999 and the ambulance number is 997.

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