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Umrah Requirements

What are the requirements of Umrah? It is one of the questions that pilgrims must know before leaving for the umrah. Many people make a to-do list for these things and fulfil the requirements and not miss out any important stuff. We also recommend to not forget the essentials of Umrah travelling.

Following are the Necessary Items one must keep it in essentials:

  • First and foremost thing is Ihram which one must attire at the airport.
  • Slippers the most comfortable ones which will keep you in ease
  • First aid box / or essential tabs like vitamins
  • Tissues
  • Surgery mouth mask which helps you to avoid dust, germs, allergies
  • Sunblock creams to avoid sunburns
  • Necessaries of daily life, brush toothpaste etc
  • Cash exchanged besides the cards for 11th-hour need
  • Marker for the labelling luggage

Never get out of money always keep extra money with you, besides the basic amount. Add all the remaining stuff that is essential for you as personal care or your needed items as an individual.

Visa Requirement for Umrah
Umrah requirements for the visa dealings are different for the different countries whereas the general rules and regulations of the Umrah Visa of Saudia Arabia are that an individual can’t apply for the Umrah visa him/ herself, He/she has to connect through a proper agent who deals in this process. If you are the resident of the United Kingdom or even you are on any type of visit visa in the UK you can’t avail the umrah visa generally, you have to submit the proper application and go through the procedure for that purpose. Whereas the part of the information to be provided here which is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia doesn’t provide or process the application of visa during Shawwal and Dhu l-Kada due to Hajj preparation. Another piece of information to add here is that the Umrah visa is only valid for the 30 days. Pilgrims have to complete their Umrah in this span of time. Only the visa allows you the access to three cities in Saudi Arabia i.e. Makkah Madina and Jeddah.

Health and Safety Precautions

It is always better to take the precautions because prevention is better than the cure. If a person has some health issues so it is better they seek the permission or fitness check from their doctor for performing the Umrah. If you are on medication you must have your medicines in enough quantity for the whole pilgrimage. Meningococcal A, C, W135 and Y are necessary the rest will be advised to you. Flu is very common there thus be careful in this regard. Don’t skip drinking water and keep your body hydrated since the physical tasks are quite a lot while performing the Umrah. Women especially go through a proper check and see their gynecologist to delay their menstrual cycle while the Umrah takes place.

May Allah forbid but in case of an emergency and the uncertain situation don’t hesitate in seeing the doctor reach out the ambulance quickly.
The Ambulance number is 997 and the Police emergency is 999.

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