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COVID-19 Message

Dear Valued Customers,

These are challenging times for us all. We appreciate that your travel arrangements and the travel industry as a whole have been particularly affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19.

If you are struggling to get through on our phone lines please email or by WhatsApp and we will make sure you are contacted the same day.

When managing any affected bookings we always have to go by the airline’s & our supplier’s policies. Please rest assured that in no circumstances we are trying to profiteer from the ongoing situation.

We would also like to assure you that your money spent on your travel is completely safe. London Travels will provide you with all the necessary assistance by offering alternative flight options and refunds for the unused services in the form of a Credit Note for future travel. This can be used to redeem against another set of flights when you are ready to book. Credit Notes will be valid for 1 year from the date they are processed. You do not need to travel before the expiry date.  If the new booking is greater than the credit note value, the difference must be paid. If the new booking is lower than the credit note value, the remaining value is stored and can be used on a future booking within the validity date and the new booking must be for the same airline and for the same passengers only.

Please rest assured that London Travels is committed to providing you with the excellent service and support you have come to expect from us.

May Allah (SWT) bless and protect us all.




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